Yamaha Music School 2024 National Composition and Performance Awards! 

We are very excited to share with you the results of the YMS 2024 National Composition and Performance Awards! 

Congrats to our Students and their Teachers: Maria Jose Franco Delsol (Teacher Nina Cook) and Tamir Miller (Teacher Guillermo “Memo” Reza) for the Outstanding mentions. 

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View Repertoire and Composition Award Recipients

We congratulate everyone who applied. Every performance demonstrated highly commendable accomplishment and great effort. In recognition, those awarded Superior, Outstanding, and Honorable Mention will receive trophies. All performers will receive certificates, pins, and comments from our Yamaha composition and performance review panel.

Yamaha is very excited to announce the winner of the first ever Special Award for Best Performance of Popular Music. Congratulations to Clarity Liao and her rock band from Exploring Music in San Francisco. The 2024 award goes to Clarity and her group for their performance of Clarity’s song “Too Young to Love”. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting group.

We want to recognize the merits of all performances submitted and thank you for your understanding of the care and thought that goes into the selection process. This participation encourage us to hold a school concert to show off all your wonderful students and give them a chance to get the audience and appreciation they all deserve!

If you missed last year’s YMS 2023 National Highlight Concert, please visit the Yamaha Music School Concerts page on the link below!

Watch the YMS 2023 National Highlight Concert

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