Kathryn O’Neal

(Vocal Teacher)
Brief info

Kathryn O'Neal's life journey reverberates with the harmonious chords of dedication, innovation, and leadership. Her multifaceted career, encompassing music, education, and administration, has created an enduring melody of empowerment in the hearts and minds of students. Through her dynamic teaching methods and unwavering commitment, she has composed a legacy that resonates through the corridors of learning and the hearts of those she has touched.

From the outset, Kathryn's life was attuned to the melodies of learning and creativity. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, achieved in May 2010 from Texas Southern University, she found her calling. Not content with solely pursuing her artistic passions, she also carved out a niche in the realm of Business Administration. This distinctive combination laid the foundation for her versatile teaching approach.

Kathryn's teaching odyssey commenced at the Energized for STEM Academy in November 2012, where she orchestrated learning experiences that not only prepared students for performances but also deepened their musical comprehension. Guiding middle and high school students to master music reading skills and the piano, she orchestrated their journey into the realm of melodies. Her leadership extended beyond the classroom, as she organized trips to outside musical events, giving students a taste of real-world musical exposure.

The crescendo of her teaching prowess reached new heights at The Lawson Academy from August 2016 to June 2019. As a dual-role teacher encompassing both Music and Social Studies, she orchestrated an educational symphony that resonated deeply with her students. Beyond preparing students for performances, Kathryn pioneered an innovative approach to music instruction. She not only exposed students to external musical realms but also cultivated connections between the classroom and prospective musical careers. Her harmonious curriculum included STAAR readiness activities, harmonizing core strategies in the realm of arts and academia.