Carlos Pineda Avila

(Piano, Contemporary Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin and Cuatro)
Brief info

Carlos Pineda Avila is an integral musician who has cultivated his profession for more than 30 years taking part in different projects as a musician, composer, and producer. Native from Venezuela, Carlos studied Piano, Violin and Voice in Simon Bolivar Conservatory. He also has an Audio-Visuals degree from the school CES Madrid, Spain.

Carlos is a professional with an impressive experience, being a member of many and great musical orchestras such as the Venezuela National Youth Symphony Orchestra. Beside the classical field, he started with a popular approach with a high performance playing Cuatro. Carlos was the musical director of the renowned Cuatro artist, “Rafael Pollo Brito”.

He has participated for international concert tours in Hungary, Netherlands Antilles, Spain, Colombia, and of course in the USA.

Currently he is also working as Independent Music Producer and Audio Engineer for a couple of film scoring such as “Femme” dance/video and “Maniac Miki” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.