Arlety Valdes

(Piano, Guitar, Violin and Animal Adventure Musical)
Brief info

With an illustrious career as the co-founder and music director of the renowned Cuban female vocal group "Sexto Sentido," Arlety has left an indelible mark on both the national and international music scene. As a versatile performer, singer, vocal arranger, and producer, Arlety has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise in the realm of music.

Arlety boasts an impressive musical skill set, honed over years of dedicated study and practice: Violin (7 years of studies), Piano (11 years of studies), Guitar (6 years of studies), Singer (Over 20 years of experience), and Theory of Music (11 years of studies).

Arlety's contributions to music include significant collaborations with renowned artists, both Cuban and international. Notable partnerships include collaborations with jazz legend Chucho Valdés, who hailed "Sexto Sentido" as "Cuba's leading female vocal group." Other collaborations span a diverse range of artists, such as Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez, members of the Buena Vista Social Club (including Omara Portuondo and Amadito Valdes), as well as international figures like saxophonist Steve Coleman, Italian singer Zucchero, and Brazilian pianist and composer Joao Donato.

Arlety has also made substantial contributions as a vocal producer and arranger, playing a pivotal role in over 60 CD productions. With a professional experience that extends to performing in more than 15 countries across Europe, Africa, and Latin America, Arlety has solidified her reputation as a global musical force.


The recognition of Arlety's exceptional talent is reflected in numerous awards and accolades, including:

- Third prize in the 1993 National Violin Interpretation Competition in Havana, Cuba
- First prize in the 2000 School Scientific Music Journey in Havana, Cuba
- First prize at JoJazz 2001, a young national jazz competition, presented by Chucho Valdés in Havana, Cuba
- Cubadisco Prize in the category of Song in 2009 for "Mi Feeling" by Sello Colibri in Havana, Cuba
- Cubadisco Prize in the category of Fusion in 2015 for "A Full" by Sello Egrem in Havana, Cuba
- Designation as Cuban culture's ambassadors (Sexto Sentido) by UNESCO in 2009

Arlety brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the realm of education, serving as a music teacher. Additionally, Arlety offers online classes focused on teaching music and Spanish combined. Past teaching roles include serving as a Theory of Music professor at the Alejandro Garcia Caturla Music Conservatory in Havana, Cuba.

Arlety holds a high school diploma certified in the USA as a teacher of music theory courses, earned in 2002 from the Conservatory of Music Amadeo Roldan in Havana, Cuba.