Lesson Description

Voice is the leading instrument of self-expression in the music world.  Our Kickstart program provides individual and choral training so the students can explore and develop their singing abilities with the best orientation to become modern music performers in the future.

For our vocals students we offer a monthly studio session to record their favorite songs and share with family, relative and friends. It is an unique experience. It is a real and live recording.


Gary started piano in the 5th grade. He played trumpet in high school and made all state band 3 years in a row. Gary attended college at Houston Baptist University where he received a full scholarship to study music.

He also teaches:

Piano, Tumpet

Timothy Cole

Graduate of the Berklee College of Music as MT-BC Music Therapist Major in Violin. He also is CPR and AED Certified.

He also teaches:

Violin, Littlest Musicians, Guitar, Music Therapy, Song Writing


From 6 to Adults.

Course Length:

Take as long as you like!


Any Time


Private 30, 45, 60 Minutes

Semiprivate and Group 60 minutes


Online and In-Site (only Private)

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