Spring Semester Class Start Soon
Enrollment for Spring Semester is now open for: Junior Music Class (Kids 4-5 Ages).
Music Production Courses and Music Friends Piano Courses ``YAMAHA Methodology``


  • Yamaha Junior Music Course (Kids 4-5 Age)
  • Music Production Courses
  • Music Friends Piano Courses

Class Start

The First Day to start your Junior class is: January 21th, 2019


10% of discount the first month

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Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any further question, note above are the most frequently asked questions about this course in specific, but we are always happy to answer any concern to help your little start to be a musician.

Littlest Musicians

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Music Friends Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Activities covered

Solfege singing, keyboard repertoire, keyboard games, music appreciation, keyboard harmony, ear-training, ensemble

Can parent participate?

Parent participation: Yes

How long class is?

Class is one 45-minute class per week

What is the class schedule?

One 45-minute class per week