Music Production 01

Music Production

Our production courses will empower your knowledge about the production process and how it directly relates to music creation. You will know and progressively understand the steps to create a professional music work, receiving your guidance from a team of internationally recognized producers and musicians who will take you through the modern music production processes.
This is not a MOOC. These are a live courses that allow you to interact directly with your instructor during the class sessions.
In our courses, you will explore some of the most powerful and useful features available in modern music production software: Audio recording and editing, MIDI programming, effects processing, loop creation and editing, mixing, state-of-the-art audio manipulation, live performing and many others, all meant to be a springboard for those who are new to DAWs. We will provide you with a strong knowledge base for the use of Ableton Live 10 or Logic Pro X which will allow you to take your musical ideas from the basic sketch to a finished recording. The course breaks down the many barriers of entry into music technology and encourages all those who wish to create fearlessly.

Professional Audio 02

Professional Audio

Mixing & Mastering

Our mixing and mastering works are built to stand the test of time, relying on specialized engineering personnel, continuously-improving technological resources and today’s highest audio encoding standards, still keeping affordable rates with the goal of becoming the first choice for all your future mixing and mastering works. We offer Professional Audio Mixing and Mastering services for musicians, producers and record labels all around the world, counting on a variety of final delivery formats that include: High Resolution Release on WAV or AIFF format and Full-lenght album / EP mastering.

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Celebrate your kids birthday

Celebrate their special day with us creating music exploring live sounds and music