Why attend Teora Music School?

All in One Place

» TMS provides comprehensive music instrument lessons.

» State of art facilities with rooms available for private and semi-private lessons.

» Each private room is equipped with clavinovas, guitars, bass and iPads with the latest versions of software.

» One Music Production classroom equipped with iMac computers, digital interface and the music production software.

» Our recording studio has all the equipment necessary to create sounds with the perfect workflow.

» We also offer a professional rehearsal room.

» Clean, creative and comfortable venue that is fully stocked with well-maintained gear from the industry‘s leading manufacturers.

» Comfortable waiting area and kitchen for all Teora family: students, parents, teachers, staff.

Music Methodology & Talented Teachers

» Although we use methods depending on the needs and goals of each student, our main method comes from the renowned Japanese firm Yamaha. A system which has a philosophy of teaching in all continents for more than 60 years.

» Students learn to hear, play, read, understand, and appreciate every aspect of music. As they advance, children study performance, improvisation and composition.

» Yamaha method offers a relaxing, nonthreatening environment enabling them to realize their dream of learning to play the piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, sing, etc.

» We have a group of high-quality music professionals.

» We based our selection after an exhaustive interview process, checking back-ground and hiring the best musicians who are passionate about their teaching.

Our teachers are trained and certificated by Yamaha.

Community Experiences

» We provide multiple and great performance stage opportunities.

» Recitals are completely optional, but we encourage our students to take advantage of it.

» TMS has two biannual events: one in May (Notes of Spring) and in December (Winter Wonderland).

» Yamaha International Music Competitions are available for TMS student but those enrollment are determined by audition.

Owner Neighbor & Local Business

» With more than 10 years living in Creekside, The Woodlands, and involved with music since 5 years old Elias Chirico in honor of his parental family from the Teora township in Italy, in 2018 saw the conditions to chase the dream of his life emerged. Thus, Teora Music School was born. What he most wish now, is that this community, which has received he and his family so affectionately, can enjoy the benefits and blessings that music provides to all individuals.