Our Faculty

Guillermo “Memo” Reza

Professional drummer since 1990. 29 years of teaching experience. 7 years with the well-known Mexican rock band Sistema, under Sony Music label. Graduated from musician Los Angeles Institute, California. Drum’s Texas Champion and 2nd national place in 1999. Worked with USO in Japan, Kuwait, Irak and national territories. Nowadays working and touring with major artists as Shaila Durcal, Carlos Cuevas and Woody with Jazz band and teaching drums at Teora Music School (TMS).

Timothy Cole

Timothy is a recent music therapy graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He is native to Houston and began his violin studies at the age of 10 years old. His musical background is rather eclectic, having experience in classical music, bluegrass fiddle music, jazz, Latin jazz, and traditional Mediterranean music. Timothy has performed in various recitals and shows throughout Boston, Northern Virginia, and Tokyo, Japan. In addition to the violin, Timothy was trained in contemporary voice, accompanying guitar, and songwriting. Timothy’s experience in music therapy has allowed him to interact with a wide variety of people. He enjoys learning about individuals and seeing them progress in both expected and unexpected ways. He believes that each student should be encouraged to progress at their own rate in order to promote self-confidence and a love for music.

Carlos Santos-Györi

Carlos is an experienced audio mastering engineer, electronic music producer and sound designer, trained at Future Media Concepts (New York, NY) and ITMC (Miami, FL), also being certified by Pearson Education and Apple Inc. in several versions of Logic Pro, the quintessential audio production workstation in modern music.  His work spans a wide range of music genres from artists and record labels around the world.  Besides technology-based music creation and instruction, he is devoted to the design and teaching of tailored programs in Modern Guitar, relying on state-of-the-art educational resources to allow the best learning experience for students.

Mary Martha Pazos

Graduated from The Catholic University of America, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music Washington, D.C., E.U.A. Bachelor of Music. Mención: Pedagogía / Main instrument: Piano. Teaching piano since 1965, in cultural programs and religious services. Mary was professor for 9 years at the Conservatory of Comprehensive Musical Education. Mary participated in musical groups, such as Director of church choirs, member of Sacred Music, and pianist of Cánticum Merú and Choral University, and others.

Member of Juries in Music Festivals since 1992 to date and share her time teaching piano and music fundamentals in Teora Music School (TMS).

Gary Bankstone

Gary started piano in the 5th grade. I played trumpet in high school and made all state band 3 years in a row. Gary attended college at Houston Baptist University where I received a full scholarship to study music. Once graduated he was immediately hired to do a national tour which was followed by 5 others. He performed on Broadway. On won the television’s Star Search. He was a musician teacher certify by Yamaha last Jan 2019 and now teaches piano, trumpet and voice in Teora Music School.


Avery Rushford

He is graduated from Klein Oak High School and currently he is studying Music Education at Lone Star College. During his live at the HS, he got an experience of higher standard coursing and dedication to music opportunities as far as varsity and all state groups. He is a very motivated and educated associate of human services and experience in education of younger people. Skills include teamwork, adaptability, creativity, and work ethic. able to communicate effectively with a team and very keen to develop more professional skills, such as servicing anyone to the best of my abilities and field of work.

Henry Torrealba

Henry started classical piano at 10 years old in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a Senior in Oak Ridge High School and was admitted at SHSU pursuing a BM in Music (Piano Performance), class of 2024. Henry has won many awards in Texas and other countries. He has shown a great enthusiasm to share his music knowledge with the students and is our youngest teacher at Teora Music School.

Elias Chirico

Elias is Electronic Engineer who also holds a Master of Business Administration and a postgraduate Degree in Instrumentation. He was involved in oil & gas sector, being a sales manager for a couple of US corporation for more than 12 years. Elias has the business experience, the passion for music education, and the drive to successfully lead the business. Elias was also a music student within the Yamaha Music School for 8 years and knows very well the system. He plays Piano/Keyboard and Guitar.