Press Release

Press Release

Press release Teora

Teora Music School born to meet the demand of music centers into the Creekside Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Teora Music School offers a variety of courses and services related to Music Education and Music Production in the same place. This new music school is for students of all ages, opening for kids 6 mos-6 year, youths 7-12, teens 13 -19 and adults. It will focus on private and group lessons for piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, ukulele. Also, the school will manage an Audio Mixing and Mastering for musicians, producers and record labels, counting on a variety of final delivery formats

Teora Music School is a new business in town with a unique leverage of its education programs endorsed by international firm renowned in music field such as Yamaha, a Japanese multinational with over 6,000,000 students around the world. Based on 50 years of experience our curriculum is Fun, High Quality, Comprenhensive, and Benefitial.

His director, Elias Chirico, says: “We are excited to promote the joy of teaching music as a complementary approach to the cultural development of human beings, providing individual benefits in their interrelation within society, and we’re looking forward to continuing to welcome new teachers and students into the school.”

They are bringing the option to expand the music as part of the community’s life, and If you yearn to be able to perform the music you love… hurry up, book a tour at Teora Music School and schedule a free trial lesson for you!